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P&T Process: Creating a Curriculum Vitae - SOM

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P&T CV Process 2022

Congratulations on being selected for the P&T process this year! Since we are in the midst of building a new system for you - Portfolio - this year is going to be a little different. You will import your activities into Portfolio and generate a Curriculum Vitae - SOM using that system. (Detailed instructions on how to generate a document within Portfolio can be found on the Portfolio help page). Then, you will link your CV - SOM to your Promotion & Tenure account. Below, we will review the document creation process and show you the steps you’ll need to take in order to successfully attach your CV for P&T review. 

Building a CV in Portfolio

This section will go over how to generate a CV - SOM from Portfolio. Be sure you’ve added all desired activities to your Activities section. For detailed instructions on how to do so, please see Portfolio’s Help page.

Log into your Portfolio account and navigate to your Profile page. You will see this bar across the top of the page:

Date Parameters

Include Activities from/to is used to display activities within a certain time period. A blank date range will automatically pull all non-archived activities and Profile information. Confirm what date parameters, if any, you need for the P&T process. 

To change the date range:

Click in the date box to generate a calendar pop up. You can use the arrows in the top corners to navigate between sequential months. 

You can click on the month to navigate by year. Click on the year to navigate by decade.  

Manual date entry is also supported in the correct format: mm/dd/yyyy.

Include in Options

You have the ability to individually select which activity entries and applicable expertise entries will appear on your CV - SOM. 

Next to each activity entry and expertise entry, you have an Include in column. Any Include in options that you’ve selected during the activity entry process will appear here. If none have been selected yet, you will see a blank space. 

For an entry to be included on your CV - SOM, that document option must be listed as an Include in option next to the entry. You can adjust your Include in options while in Full View. 

Adjusting your options

The View as section at the top of your Profile page is used to choose which document or webpage you would like to work with. 

  • Full View: Refers to your Profile page. All editing of dates parameters and Include in options must take place in this view. Date parameters changes are not permanent and will reset if the user is logged out. 

Set your View as to Full View, and confirm you have clicked the blue refresh button.   

Scroll down and determine which activities you would like to include on your document. 

To drop an Include in option, click on its white ‘x.’ 

To add an Include in option, click anywhere in the rectangle to see the list of options. Click on the desired option and it will populate.  

Generating a Document

When finished adjusting your Include in options, scroll back to the top of your Profile page. Select any date parameters, if desired, and choose a document option from the View as drop-down. Click the blue refresh button  and hit ‘Leave’ on the resulting pop-up. 

Since you’re going through the P&T process, it’s important that you select Curriculum Vitae - SOM. 

When you’ve made your selection and have clicked the refresh button, you will be presented with the following options:

The Curriculum Vitae - SOM can only be downloaded as a PDF. Click the Download button to view your document. 

In order to upload your CV - SOM to your Promotion & Tenure account, you will need to Save to Documents. This will bring the PDF into Portfolio’s Document section (view this section using the left-side navigation bar). You are free to rename the file as you wish before saving. 

Pro Tip: You cannot dynamically change the date range or Include in options. You must first reset the View As to Full View and click the refresh button, edit the included entries, and then set the View As back to your desired document and refresh once again.  If you alter the Include from dates after refreshing View as, you’ll need to hit the refresh button again in order to update the view accordingly. If you choose a different document option from the View As drop down, you will also need to hit the refresh button in order to update the page of your choice. 

Linking to your Promotion & Tenure Account

This section will detail how to link your recently created CV - SOM from your Portfolio account to your Promotion & Tenure account. 

Begin by logging into your Promotion & Tenure account.

Once in, select the Documents section. 

The following page you see should look similar to this one, but with your identifying information listed:

Find and click the button that says Import CV from Portfolio.

A pop-up will appear listing the Curriculum Vitae - SOM files that have been saved to your Portfolio Documents section. Choose which document you would like to attach, and click Import. 

You will then see your CV - SOM listed on your screen as an attached file. 

Pro Tip: You can only upload one CV - SOM to your P&T account. Uploading a second one will override your initial file attachment. If you'd like to upload secondary files  (such as recommendation letters or a personally created CV) in addition to your CV - SOM, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs to assist you. 

In Review

To successfully generate a Curriculum Vitae - SOM document for the P&T process:

  1. Log into Portfolio and navigate to your Profile

  2. Confirm your View As section is set to Full View.

  3. Scroll down to see your listed activities.

  4. Use the Include in column to edit which activities are displayed on your document.

  5. If you would like to set date parameters, do so using the date fields. Click the blue refresh button. 

  6. Once your Include in and date options are set to your satisfaction, return to the View As field.

  7. Use the drop down to select Curriculum Vitae - SOM. 

  8. Click the blue refresh button. 

  9. Using the options that have populated next to the View As field, save your CV - SOM to your Documents section.

  10. Log into your Promotion & Tenure account

  11. Select Documents

  12. Click Import CV from Portfolio

  13. Select which CV - SOM you would like to attach from the pop-up list. 

  14. Confirm that your document is now listed in the File section of your P&T account. 

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